Mission & Vision

“I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

Albert Einstein

Childhood is the most crucial period of life, as it is then, that the basic foundations of one’s personality, character and other useful traits are imbibed. A congenial atmosphere conducive to intellectual and moral growth definitely helps. We at Jaipur School have been working towards that end. To attain success there is no substitute to hard work and we do our bit to make our pupils succeed in whatever field they may choose. By rational thinking together with hard work and by the grace of God, men at all times have written their destinies. This school is a step in that direction and an ode to Shri Krishna.

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At Jaipur School our mission is to assist our students in recognising and achieving their fullest potential by imparting learning which is both traditional and modern. This will be our endeavour that our School community comprising of all parents, students, staff members and ex students stays connected. There will be many opportunities for you to visit the school and, we hope, together we will make this mission a reality.

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