General Information

School Diary

It contains the time table, rules and regulations, fee schedule and instalment structure, calendar for school activities, holiday list, information on the assembly, uniform, school timing, discipline, registration, admission and withdrawal etc. The students and the parents should read and assimilate them and help in maintaining the discipline of the school.


The School helps to arrange transportation from private transporters for its students and is always on guard to enforce the safety rules. However the School authority is not responsible for the service charges and conduct of the transport operators hired by the parents or guardians.

Uniform and Books

Wearing of School uniform as prescribed by the School is mandatory on all working days. Jaipur School does not patronize a store selling items of specified uniform, books and the stationery. These can be purchased from any outlet. 

PT Meet

Parents are encouraged to interact with the Class Teacher regularly to get updated on their child’s progress. PT meets are held in the premises of the School every second Saturday of the month to get the parent’s feed back to help improve the systems and processes of the School. It is imperative therefore that parents and students value the purpose and attend these meets.


Research shows that educational achievement is directly related to attendance. The school calendar published in the School Diary is to help parents and students to schedule their priorities. The parent or the guardian is requested to cooperate with the school management about the false calls and unexcused absences. The management has the right to debar the student from appearing in the final examination and a continued absenteeism may invite a strict displinary action. When a student has accumulated 25% absences, the rules of CBSE debar the student to appear in the Board examination.


We expect the students and the parents to understand the need to enforce a proper behavior code and grooming as part of the education process. Misbehavior with fellow students and teachers, violence, damage to school property, uncompleted class and home work, unexcused absenteeism, late coming, indiscipline or comparable conduct constituting an interference with school purposes form the ground for suspension and consequent expulsion. The School Management reserves the right to add, alter or amend any of the rules and the same shall be binding on the parents, guardians and students.

School Timing  (After Holi)  

Kindergarden  – 08:00 am – 1:30pm

Class I-XII  – 07:25 am – 1:40pm

School Timing (After Diwali)

Kindergarden – 09:00 am – 2:30pm

Class I-XII – 08:25 am – 2:40pm